Tori James

Tori James is on 107-3 JAMZ's Quiet Storm, Sunday through Thursday from 10pm-2am. And you can also catch her on the weekends (Saturday from 10a-3p; Sunday 1p-6p).

Tori James is from Williamston, SC, and got her first radio gig as an unpaid intern that got hired on, and now she's headlining the popular Quiet Storm show each night on 107-3 JAMZ. When she's not purring over the airwaves, she's at home with her two furry, four legged babies (kitties!) and her adorable son Kameron! She loves Janet Jackson, the Fast and the Furious, Angela Bassett, Italian fare, Nicolas Sparks books, and is a huge fan of the Gamecocks, the Yankees, the Giants and the Dallas Mavericks!

Do not ask her what her stupid human trick is, because she may tell you. :)
And her favorite pick-up line is a good one: "If being sexy was a crime, you would be guilty as charged."
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