A Texas mother claims her tween’s curly locks got her kicked off a cheering squad in their town.

According to ABC 13, Woodlands Elite Cheer removed 11-year-old Makayla Fallaw from their roster for refusing to straighten her hair. Jenny Fallaw said her daughter joined the team in April and was never told until recently to straighten her hair for competitions.

During a meeting with the program’s cheer director Kevin Tonner, he allegedly told Fallaw to use relaxer on her daughter’s hair. The middle schooler is Hispanic and biracial. Fallaw explained that chemicals would damage her child’s natural curl pattern. She also said she was open to her daughter wearing ponytails like she used to on past cheer squads.

Woodlands Elite’s general manager Allen Shearer spoke with Fallaw and two other parents who refused to straighten their children’s hair last week. After telling them the children wouldn’t compete if they didn’t comply with the requirement, one parent decided to straighten her child’s hair. However, Fallaw and another parent declined and their daughters were removed from the team last Tuesday.

Texas Mom Says Daughter Was Kicked Off Cheerleading Squad For Refusing To Straighten Curly Hair

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