It seems that director John Singleton is too broke to pay for the last semester of his son’s studies at the University of Southern California.

A Singleton source revealed to Bossip that John’s son Maasai has been forced to raise money for his college tuition online after his father suddenly cut him off.

Maasai is majoring in screenwriting, just as his father did when he attended the university in the 90’s. Singleton stopped paying for his son’s education in the middle of the school year. He allegedly told Maasai to apply for financial aid or a scholarship, but then refused to sign off as a co-signer.

Determined to finish school, Maasai, 21, set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money so he can graduate.

“With only one month before my final semester, my father has informed me that he won’t be helping me with tuition,” Maasai wrote on his fundraising page. “The timing of this information is such that I’m not able to apply for many financial aid options that would otherwise be available.”

“I’ve met with the financial aid office, and even with loans, I simply won’t be able to make up for the nearly $30,000 due this semester to cover the final 20 units that I need to graduate,” Maasai added, according to the Go Fund Me page. “Tuition is due in just three weeks.”

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