Sheba Foxx is the current night show host on 107.3 JAMZ, but she’s been with the station — off and on, in one capacity or another — since 2008.

She started out as a board op for the Micheal Baisden show and hosted weekends and overnights.

She has a great story about how she got her start. “Being in radio was unexpected; I had lost almost everything and the only option was to go to school and start over. My midterm assignment was a radio air-check, jokingly my professor John Woodson told me it was the worst air-check he’d ever heard. My heart sank in disappointment but he was kidding, handed me my air-check and told me to get out his classroom and go get a job! I was so nervous, so I called a friend to go with me, and we both applied for jobs and I pretty much was hired on the spot. The only thing I had to do was wait on my background check to come back. Luckily it came back clean… go figure! Lol!”

She had this to say about an event that stood out in her mind: “I really miss the 107.3 JAMZ Family Reunions. The unity within the community at that event was solid. Everyone always had a fabulous time, with good music, food and more. I really miss that one each year. The artists were always so down to earth and didn’t mind me invading their dressing rooms to get interviews and drops.”

When asked to reflect on her time in radio, she said, “I’ve met so many amazing and different people working with the station, from fans to artists. Being in radio has opened so many outlets for me to display my talents.  I’ve done drops for DJs all around the world, cameo appearances local and afar. I love the entertainment business… I was born for this.”

But her favorite thing? Listeners. “The listeners are best though. They will come out and show so much love. I cant help but to love them back!!!! I have so many that are like family. When we see each other at events, we get caught up on old times. I love it. They have truly kept me alive when the struggle was real and even the days, it was hard to find a smile, they helped me and they didn’t even know it.”