Black History Makers

Black History Makers

Black History Makers


We are EXCITED to Bring Back the 107-3 JAMZ Black History Makers!

Join us in recognizing Black local and national leaders that have made a difference in our communities and society!

Let no good deed go unnoticed, as we highlight Black leaders that are helping others on a daily, that are doing things to help build and foster opportunities in the Black community and for all people, and leaders who stand up for doing what is right!

Tune in to 1073 JAMZ and visit our social media pages, as we honor Black History Makers during the month of February!

The time is always right to do what is right.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.




107-3 JAMZ Salutes these Black History Makers that are making a difference in our communities! 


February 22, 2024: Teresa Nesbitt Cosby


Today we honor Teresa Nesbitt Cosby as a Black History Maker! Teresa Nesbitt Cosby is a professor of political science at Furman University. Her specialty is Constitutional Law and Racial and Ethnic Politics. She has served as an Assistant Deputy Attorney General for the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office. She serves and has served on the national, state, and local boards of directors. Teresa Nesbitt Cosby has long served the people of South Carolina as an attorney and public servant and now educates college students about the law and politics.

Congratulations to Teresa Nesbitt Cosby on being a Black History Maker! We wish you the best as you continue to make history!


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February 22, 2024: Teresa Nesbitt Cosby

Black History Makers: Teresa Nesbitt Cosby



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