I do an early morning radio show so at this time of night I do all of my show prep, right now I’m looking through various news wires and I am really concerned about the state of our society. The crimes people are committing are getting worse by the day and the blatant disregard for human life is appalling. It has become the norm to wake up and learn that someone or several people were found shot to death In The street or to hear that a parent harmed a child in some unfathomable manner. I just read a story about a father who squeezed his infant until the baby’s ribs broke. Prayer is always needed but we need to pray without ceasing as the bible says. We need more people to step up and be Mentors to young people who are troubled and under served. And we need to teach our children by example how to be loving and compassionate. It is easy to focus inwardly on just our own family’s or just ourselves but let’s try and work together to make sure we leave a legacy of love behind for our next generation.