Just in my thoughts:  It is so helpful to have a Mentor or someone in your life who you can talk to and who can be fair and objective.  It benefits you also for this person to be in your field of work because then they can guide you in the right direction if you happen to be off track.  Constructive criticism from someone who has your best interest at heart is invaluable.  I’m thankful for the guidance I received early in my career from a veteran in the industry and I still value his thoughts and look to him for advice.  It doesn’t pay to always have yes men in your corner.  You want people who will encourage you to be the best you can be and to let you know where you can improve.  However, just because someone has years in a particular field doesn’t mean they are a good candidate to be a Mentor.  Choose wisely who you take advice from and who you share your goals with.   Watch how a person carries themselves and take note as to whether they are consistent and dependable.  Good character shines through.

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