I woke up this morning feeling so thankful! When I look at my life and some of the things I have gone through, there were times I thought I just could not go on.  I have suffered great loss.  My mom and my dad, 2 children, my grandmother.  My heart was broken and crushed with each loss but through it all God was there.  Even at the times I did not feel his presence.  He was keeping a watchful eye over me and a hedge of angels around me.   He never left me even when I questioned him and at times was mad at him!  His love for me never fails.  Whatever I have or ever hope to have I owe all to him!  The platform he has given me to speak and assist others, I owe all to him, when I find myself in the midst of powerful, influential leaders, I owe that all to him! The opportunities that come my way, I owe them all to God!  By myself I can do nothing, with God I can do all things!  And so can you!   You can make it today no matter how low, depressed or discouraged you are feeling!  You can make it!  And you can thrive!

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